Jim Balmain grew up in a small town in a happy, hardworking family where the pursuit of learning was very important. His father only completed the eighth grade, but was constantly learning. His knowledge and wisdom were sought by acquaintances and he was naturally respected in his chosen field. The author was allowed to explore new things and grow (as long as he was home on time for his mother’s fried chicken). In addition to “Ollie and the Alliog”, Jim has written a book of verse entitled, “Verse and Adverse – A Sign of the Times”.


Jim, who has been at Smith’s Bakeries for over 50 years, and his wife Jacque purchased the business in 1985 from Howard Smith and Roy Balmain. They have continued to operate the bakeries with the same goals and energies of its founders.


J. Balmain, Inc. shares Jim’s creative vision and products for many to enjoy!